"The next day I noticed how much ‘lighter’ I felt, like some unknown burden had been lifted"

Cymatics is defined as the vibrational wave patterns underlying structure and form. It comes from the Greek work for Wave (Cyma) and is now taken to refer to the waveforms made by sound vibrations. Wave vibrations forms are the underlying structure in all matter; including human beings.

cymatic crystal
cymatic structure

"Sound has the ability to rearrange molecular structure. When you are born every cell multiplies. Then at Puberty, the frequency patterns of the cells change and instead of multiplying, cell replaces cell. As we age, cells still replace each other, but the tempo slows down. Within a few years of time, we will be able to prevent this slowing down of cell replacement and all this can be done with sound. If we take a frequency sample of your cells, they will regenerate."

Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners 1990

Edgar Cayce predicted that Sound would be the medicine of the future.

The Cyma Method is an evolutionary step forward in vibrational Sound Healing. In order to understand this, consider a brief tour through the history of Cymatics. The name goes back to ancient Greece. It is in fact the Greek word for Wave forms (Cyma): Over the years, sound therapy has been used in every culture and in a variety of ways. Dr. Jans Jenny, who, surprisingly, never applied his work to healing, initiated modern day research. Through experimentation, was able to demonstrate that sound formed structural patterns which hold the form of objects in place. Everything vibrates and has its own frequency pattern and this is true of the human body. His work sparked the interest of Sir Peter Guy Manners who researched and developed Cymatics Medical therapy using sound wave patterns which were aligned to the vibratory rate of different anatomical and physiological aspects of people. He also catalogued the patterns of multiple medical conditions as well as psychological states and more. Based on his work, the Cyma Method took the sounds and integrated them with a method of detecting the precise frequencies for the correction of any dissonance (disease) in the body/mind and emotions of people.

Characteristic of Cymatics frequencies is that they can be applied safely and directly to the body and use a process of 'entrainment' to help restore the original cell structure and form. This principle has been extended by Dr. G C Peyton who has refined the assessment process into a series of Cyma Protocols wherein it is possible to connect with the body's wisdom and find out what frequencies are needed to restore and energise the body. We call this process “Energy diagnosis” and it enables the identification of a precise set of frequencies to correct stressed areas of the body No two people are the same. Therefore constructing a programme based on individual uniqueness helps to ensure healing takes place at natural rate and without unwanted side effects. Moreover, the method can be applied across multiple fields, including addressing mental, emotional and environment problems.

Hence, we are able to construct precise, personalized, and potent balancing sessions and can improve the outcome of any other treatment programme you may be receiving.

Sir Peter Guy Manners MD Osteopath spent over fifty years researching how the sound frequencies within the human body. He delivered thousands of treatments with no side effects and demonstrated that less invasive and more rapid healing can be achieved.

"Cymatics therapy - using the sound of your cells to restore structure and form when the body is breaking down" - Sound health and Sound Medicine

Cymatics is the study of the structure of sound vibrations and reflects the wave patterns inherent in all living things. Over a period of more than 40 years, Sir Peter Guy Manners studied the medical applications of sound and identified over 600 different resonant sounds reflecting all the body's organs, glands, systems and functions including psycho - emotional wave patterns and developed a healing modality which could be applied straight to the body to restructure damaged cells. In so doing he tapped into the laws of Resonance and Entrainment - triggering the body's memory to maintain its innate structure and form. Modern day Cymatics is still evolving, but after literally thousands of treatment, results speak for themselves. In most cases, healing is accelerated and side effects are unknown.

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