Trans Spatial Features

Sometimes the body really does know best...
Listening to the body is what we have been doing for over 10 years.

What makes the Trans Spatial Balancing Programme so special?
The Trans Spatial Balancing Programme offers unique features and a precise package of frequencies (solutions) to meet your demands over the course of the day, week, month and year. We pride ourselves on offering a service that is second to none. In fact we do not know of anywhere else you can get this kind of an Energetic health balancing and we take our work – your well being very seriously.

Every Trans Spatial Balancing Session is unique. The programmes are based on a combination of modern science and ancient wisdom which allows us to tap into your Energy fields where ever you are and provide you with feedback unparalleled by other similar services.

We have found a way to maintain the integrity of the sound frequencies and colour treatments that also lets us send you real time experience of the session that we conduct for you. At this point, we do not know of any other company able to do this in quite the same way

All assessments involve Energy diagnosis – that is we tune into your energy to see what your body requires in order to stay well. They are investigative in nature and advice is offered based solely on the information obtained via the Trans Spatial balance. We provide a written account of each assessment so you can see what transpired. All reports are treated confidentially and forwarded to you via a designated webpage link with a personalised follow up programme of Cyma sounds, colour and /or any indicated counter aggressions to help realign the energetic and physical body.

The Trans Spatial Balancing Programme provides an on going monitoring for the specified period. Each month a comprehensive Global assessment will be conducted to and you will receive an electronic report. We include in that report a webpage link that will take you direct to your very own personal programme. This can then be accessed as often as you like during the month and allow you to replay the follow up frequencies and colour.

During the month, we monitor at least once to ensure that your energy fields are aligned and able to access your resources. (Energy reserves) and we will:

  • We communicate changes to you.
  • We make it as interactive as we can, so you will know what is happening and when it happens
  • We work with any physical, mental or emotional or environmental issues so we can make your life easier and more resilient
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