Cymatics Method

"The real bonus is being told by my doctors that I do not need an operation"

What is the Cyma Method?

It’s a way of balancing the body’s electro magnetic system and reinforcing your energy reserves to keep you feeling better, for longer. Using quantum instrumentation and sound frequencies the Cyma Method© is designed  to help you stay balanced and aligned no matter how stressed the environment around you is.

The Cyma Method© uses Energy diagnosis and Balancing Protocols designed to keep you feeling good

There are two aspects to the Cyma Method© that you won’t get anywhere else:

  • We analyse your Energy Fields and check your Energy reserves and energy distribution so we can help your body to optimise its well being.
  • We use Cymatics frequencies, colour and Bio-numeric coding to restore alignment and build your energy reserves. All this is available “trans Spatially” (remotely) ~ saving you time and money

"If the body’s electro magnetic system is disrupted, problems in the body will inevitably occur"

The Cyma Method is a Series of Bioenergetics Protocols which enable a Practitioner to measure human or animal Energy Fields and correct imbalances based on the information obtained. This enables practitioners to precisely identify and respond to their client’s particular healing needs.

During each session, the Practitioner acts as a facilitator of the client’s own innate wisdom (we call this Energy) With that information, the focus becomes one of allowing the Energy to select “solutions” to correct imbalances. These might be physical, emotional, nutritional, relational, environmental, or energetic in nature.

The goal is to find the precise combination of solutions, we follow a especially selected protocol that reflects the area your body is most stressed in at that time. We believe that your Energy system is able to select the right quantity, timing, and duration of the solutions to help restore your optimal alignment. When all the fields are aligned, the session is concluded and your Energy is optimised.

Because we live in a “soup of Energy” we are affected by the environment, people, activities, and electromagnetic forces around us. Therefore, receiving a balance session will help you to adapt quicker and more resiliently to any unexpected twists and turns of fate as well as empower you to handle challenges better over time. For this reason we recommend incorporating Cyma Method© Balancing as an on going well being plan for yourself and your family.

What are the Protocols?

  • Global - (general energy maintenance, usually nutritional and takes account of seasonal or lifestyle changes)
  • Pathological (focuses on physical symptoms in the body, known or potential disease/ compatibility of medication - allergies etc.)
  • Environmental (Identifies Geopathic, environmental or ecological and /or relational tensions)
  •  Elemental ( helps to identify microbes that may lie at the root of many symptoms)
  • Brain State (De-stresses the brain and spinal nerves where blockages are interfering with clarity or cell to cell communication)
  • DNA (includes assessment of glands and their influence on the Autonomous Nervous System - genes and chromosomes and de/activation of Energy encodements where appropriate)
  • Light Psyche - Evaluates both the blueprint and operating system of your mental/emotional self including imprinting from childhood etc.
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