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"After three treatments with you I can honestly say I feel ten years younger, am sleeping well and have more energy."

Based on real time in clinic Cyma Method Sessions - the Trans Spatial Balancing Programme is unique in that it connects directly to your energetic fields through established "non local" principles of quantum physics and is therefore based on you, by you with information provided by your own Energy system, whether you are in the clinic or elsewhere..
  • Every session is personal and designed to evaluate your specific needs.
  • It takes your whole body and over 80 levels of disorder into account - seeking causal links rather than just treating symptoms
  • It accesses your deep energy fields known as Centripetal field
  • With the addition of bi monthly "tweaks" or adjustments to help maintain your alignment, you can be sure we take any unexpected changes into account
  • When these fields are all in alignment, you are centred and balanced and can take most things in your stride, dealing more effectively than when out of alignment.
  • Quantumly we can cover multiple time and space issues, memories and traumas to clear obstacles to well being that might be undermining your confidence or goal attainment.
  • Addresses the biogenealogy of illness in a way that you can use practically to erase potential threats. Eliminates Biological conflicts and thought forms that can undermine your health
  • Provides you with a personal written report and a cloned copy of the TSB session for you to reinforce at home during the following month.
  • Uses precise high quality sounds, colours, numeric and geometric correctors to energetically rebuild etheric disruptions
  • Includes access to all Cyma Protocols, including the Brain State, DNA and Light Psyche
  • Provides suggestions to adjust environmental tensions that inhibit optimal health
  • Can be used safely with all other medical or performance enhancing activities to optimise them and aid in the achievement of your greater well being.
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