Trans Spatial Pricing Guide

Based on real time- in clinic Cyma Method Sessions - the Trans Spatial Balancing Programme connects directly to your Energy fields using established "non local" and "entanglement "principles of quantum mechanics and is therefore based specifically on you, uses information provided by your own Energy system, whether you are in the clinic or elsewhere. Joining the programme gives you the security of knowing that you EM fields are aligned and we are co-managing with your Energy the changing pattern of frequencies that make up your signature. We help to optimise your energy reserves and help you to organise all the demands on your body, mind and spirit while you are signed up with us.

Special Assessment

Comprehensive  Assessment


One off comprehensive assessment of your energy fields

80 different levels of intervention or potential imbalances

Assess the compatibility of medical prescriptions and harmonise them

Includes a personalised programme of cymatics to support on going health improvements.

Explore and correct any electro magnetic field imbalances

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3 month Programme

balancing for 3 months


Remote monitoring of your Energy Fields so that  your essential energy is optimised

Monthly comprehensive (Global) balance

Regular reviews to monitor and adjust your programme during each month

Downloadable reports and supplementary files provided with every Balancing session

Upgrade 6 months cover for only


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12 month Programme

exceptional value balancing


Same features as the 3 month programme but the benefit of  cover for a whole year

Exceptional value, save £300 compared to our 3 month programme

Add additional family members for only £125 per person per year

One domestic Pet  included free of charge. Each additional pet £10 per month (Well worth it pets adore it!)

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feature Trans Spatial Balancing connects directly to your Energy fields feature Secure on-line payment provided by Stripe
feature Every session is designed for your specific needs feature Secure Client area - Secure 256-bit SSL encryption
feature Works with  medical or performance enhancing activities feature Downloadable reports for every Balancing session
feature It takes into account your whole body feature Supplementary Frequency and colour regulation files provided
feature Acts on your whole body and over 80 levels of disorder feature Sign up online in minutes
pay by debit and credit cards
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