Cymatics - The Lecher Antenna

The Lecher Antenna was designed by Ernst Lecher specifically to detect very subtle energy fields. Ernst Lecher was the Head of the first Austrian University to study Quantum Physics. The Antenna is able to identify matching (resonant) wavelengths in organic, electro-magnetic and geological substances as well as measure the unseen fields around the human being.

Being able to identify wave lengths allows you to understand information on a new level. Quantum Change lecher antennaYou can determine the quality of multiple energetic fields and see how they effect human systems. Therefore, when you know the wave length or frequency of an object, the Lecher Antenna can help you detect any disruptions and then indicate precise solutions to correct them. It is used by engineers and technicians all over the world to measure and correct disturbances of a geopathic, ambient and other environmental nature and by health care professionals to identify health perturbations and restore any imbalances - thus centering all the energy fields and optimizing the flow of vital energy around the person.

The Lecher Antenna is a potent diagnostic instrument which can be used tor test and check ecological substances and their effect on animal well being as well as humans. The Cyma Protocols are designed to be used in conjunction with the Lecher Antenna in a way that prioritizes the person's energetic needs and cultivates a very precise and personalized restorative balancing for the whole person.

Some Uses for the Lecher Antenna

  • Access and correct different environmental aggressions, such as radio waves, electric substations and cell phone emissions
  • Measure the effect of different ecological substances on your health
  • Detect and eliminate problems caused by Geopathic tensions, such as Hartmann lines or underground caverns
  • Harmonize incompatible energy fields that disrupt relationships.
  • A tool for 21st Century Feng Shui or Modern Vastu, to treat new forms of aggression from electric, electron-magnetic waves and space telecommunications that can seriously undermine the quality of your life

Food items Medications, Soap, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Vitamins, Supplements, Clothing, Jewellery, Cells, Organic bodies, water, buildings and more

Energy Diagnosis and Healing
The Lecher Antenna can be used for energy diagnosis and healing. You can use the Antenna to find out if something is beneficial or harmful to your energy and you can find the precise wave length for a wide range of common elements, allergens and environmental challenges, such as Electromagnetic emissions which can disrupt the physical body and might otherwise go unnoticed.

Some Other Uses
Identifying Geopathic aggressions; Geopathic wave emanations arise from the earth and can have damaging effects on health Use the LA to identify and perform simple remedial techniques to eliminate their negative impact on health.

21st Century Feng Shui ~ The LA can be used to find the best layout for furniture and the colours to use in your workplace or home. It can also be used to correct the spin of negative energies and promote a more harmonious atmosphere in a house or office.

Developing engineering projects
Health ~ Identify imbalances due to hereditary or genetic influences and restore connections in the body’s electrical circuitry that create a bias towards certain problems and that aren’t easily resolved through more conventional routes

Distance Healing
Move beyond time and space to get accurate energy reading on your subjects/ begin healing at a distance Treat the cause of problems not just the symptoms

Purchasing a Lecher Antenna
Quantum Change is a distributor of the ACMOS Lecher Antenna (ALA) To our knowledge this is the best instrument available at this time. It is sturdy and precise and although other similar products are available at a lower price we believe you will not find a better value for money anywhere else. The ALA has a number of unique features and forms the basis for all further training in The Cyma Method through Quantum-Change.

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