About Grace Peyton D.C.M - Founder Of Quantum-Change

"I am willing to suspend any disbelief, because I have seen how complex the protocols are and how deep you can go into the energy readings "

Dr. Grace Peyton founded Quantum Change in 1996. She has a Doctorate in Cymatics and Bioenergetics Medicine and trained under the direct supervision of Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners until shortly before his retirement. She also trained in ACMOS Bioenergetics and Naturopathy with Rene Naccachian and holds qualifications in Humanistic Psychology, NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Prior to the mid 1990%u2019s she worked in the British Public Sector specialising in Alcohol and Drug Misuse. When she decided to step outside of mainstream practice she began an accelerated period of learning and personal growth that led her all the way back to ancient healing practices and all the way forward into the mysteries of Quantum physics and Living Consciousness. She has developed a set of health balancing Protocols to help maintain human electromagnetic fields. She believes the EM and Subtle fields of the human body hold physical structure and form together. The Meridian system is the point of interface between light and matter bodies. The Cyma Protocols were developed to act as a bridge to understanding the unseen parts of ourselves.Dr. Peyton is committed to continuing research in the areas of human health and evolution. She has written extensively on Energetic DNA* and Cymatics. She has recently copyrighted and published work in relation to the Prime Chords*, as they relate to the original Cyma computations and is currently working on an on- line training programme so more people can access the balancing sessions.

*See www.quantum-change.co.uk for more information

**Prime chords may relate to the Five Elements and the different wave patterns which constitute the underlying vibrations within each Cymatics computation.


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