Managing the electro-magnetic fields around you may be the best way to ensure your optimal well being

Trans Spatial Balancing

Developed by Dr. G C Peyton, founder of . The Trans Spatial Balancing Programme is based on over ten years of research into Bioenergetics and Cymatics medicine. Known as the Cyma Method of Health balancing it is a unique blend Bioenergetics and Cymatics Therapy which stands alone as a unique integration of ancient wisdom, quantum healing and the emerging science of E medicine.

The result is the creation of a  method that transcends time and space to provide  precise personal programmes for participants. We now have the added value of being able to deliver to you  a cloned version of your balancing sessions to help reinforce the healing frequencies, so you are able to imprint the sounds in your own time without compromising the quality of the pure cymatic wave* and you can optimise all your energy resources throughout the whole month.

Cymatics is the name given to the vibrational patterns underlying all structures and forms. It comes from the Greek work for wave (Cyma) Cymatics Therapy was developed as a form of medical healing by Dr. Peter Guy Manners over a career of 50 years. Dr. Peyton was one of his last students working with him until shortly before his death in 2009.

"Unless you take the person's unique energy patterns into account optimal health and well being is going to be limited. This is why much modern healing whether it is through traditional medicine or more recent energy developments, Psychology and Belief change work like NLP and other modalities fall short in providing long term solutions and we have an increase in degenerative problems that just won't seem to go away"

Dr. G C Peyton Doctor of Bioenergetics and Cymatics Medicine

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